Moments By Candice

Our Clients

At Moments by Candice Photography, my main focus in ensuring my clients 100% satisfaction throughout our entire interaction together. It is my goal as your photographer to capture each unique moment as it happens, as each closing of the shutter may be a memory that lasts a life time for you and your family.

Each final picture you receive from me will be a high definition full resolution digital file, royalty free, which will allow you to take your pictures and have them created into works of art.

Our Services

Moments by Candice focuses on natural light photography.  What is natural light photography?  Simply put I like to take pictures outdoors, as the sunlight or lack there of can create some of the most stunning backdrops for any type of photo.  I specialized in portrait, wedding and child photography.

It is my goal to provide you with a package that will meet your budgetary needs.  My main reason for doing this is I understand how much professional photography charge, but it is my belief that everyone on this planet deserves to have professional photography services available to them.

Our Passion

I began my love for photography when I was a kid.  My uncle was an amazing photographer with a 35-millimeter cannon camera which took film (yes the stuff that had to be developed in a dark room).  I was always impressed by the type of pictures that he could take, and he always wanted to take pictures at certain times of the day, when the light was just right.

As I got older and had the financial ability to really focus on photography, I began to take professional classes learning how to get the perfect shot.  I have been taking pictures now since 2015 and truly enjoy what I do.  It really is a passion and nothing warms my heart more than hearing from someone about how much they love the pictures I was able to capture.

We had a great time working with Candice. She was extremely flexible with my wild crew and did very well with our 2 years old. I liked that she was not like most photographers that are very “rigid” and get you to get poses that are not natural. Excellent quality of pictures as well.

Craig Folds - 2017